•?((¯°·. .• $hąЌɨя •. .·°¯))؟• or shaky365 Edit

Shaky365 is a former GFX artist. Two of his creations:


Coding Languages Learned Edit

  • CSS
  • HTML
  • jQuery
  • PHP
  • ProcessingJS
  • SQL

Khan Academy Highlights Edit

  • Found here.
  • Top Program: "The Thinking Game" with 365 votes and 45 spin-offs.
  • Has 13.6 million energy points, earning him the Tesla badge.
  • Has 2900+ Badges.
  • Has earned one Golden Winston from "Contest: Snow Game".
  • Has 8 programs with over 100 votes.
  • Has been a member of Khan Academy for 4 years.

Duolingo Highlights Edit

  • Found here.
  • Has over 1000 XP.
  • Learning five languages. Highlights Edit

  • Found here
  • Has about 425k points
  • Ranked "Verbivore"
  • Has over 400 achievements
  • Mastered over 150 words
  • Member for about 4 years

Coursera Highlights Edit

Quizlet Highlights Edit

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