Project: Ad Design is one of the first projects in the Intro to JS course on Khan Academy, falling under the Text and Strings subsection. This project encourages users to code an ad that advertises some sort of product besides the starter one (Stuffed Winston). The requirements to pass evaluation are:

  • Doesn't advertise the starting product, Stuffed Winston
  • Must use at least 2 different text sizes
  • Must use least 2 different text commands
  • Must use at least 3 shape drawing commands (can be the same shape)
  • Has no syntax or logic errors
  • Is original, not plagiarized

If users want to go above and beyond, they can add an animation of their product.

Honor Code

Projects on Khan Academy close with an honor code

      I certify that this is all my original work. 
      If I took any parts from elsewhere, then they 
      were non-essential parts of the project, and 
      they are clearly attributed at the top. I will 
      show I agree to this honor code by typing "Yes":

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