Project animal attack

Project: Animal Attack is a project in the Bonus: resizing with Variables section of Khan Academy's Intro to JS course. This project checks the user's knowledge of testing with variables.

The objective is to make an animal using the drawing commands, and to use variables for the numbers passed into those commands, as done in the code of the starter program. Variables should also be used for any repetitive information about the animal, like the eye size, so that it is possible to change the size of both of the eyes at once.

Once that is done, the user has to pick a variable to animate - maybe the animal's face gets huge, one of its eyes bug out or the x and/or y coordinates change to move the animal.

Honor Code

Projects on Khan Academy close with an honor code

      I certify that this is all my original work. 
      If I took any parts from elsewhere, then they 
      were non-essential parts of the project, and 
      they are clearly attributed at the top. I will 
      show I agree to this honor code by typing "Yes":

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