Big history

This a longer series about "Big History" and is located in the partner content. It tells the origin stories, and then keeps going with history from a perspective that can best be described as the opposite of microscopic. It seeks to stimulate the wonder and excitement that users get from looking at the big picture. That's something often lost in the details of dates and names students learn the way history is taught today. Big History is a framework for everything. The online course draws from the crash course guys as well as new videos. The crash course videos are longer (10 to 13 minutes roughly). The videos created by the Big History project are shorter, but not short - over 2 minutes to under 10 minutes. There are quizzes, but only the first one is a good candidate for speed badges. The other ones have questions like "put several pieces in order" which slow students down when answering.

The course is meant for high school students. The course is also plenty appropriate for college students and beyond who might find it interesting. A precocious late elementary school student could even sink their teeth into this.

  1. What is Big History?
  2. The Big Bang
  3. Stars & Elements
  4. Our Solar System & Earth
  5. Life
  6. Early Humans
  7. Agriculture & Civilization
  8. Expansion & Interconnection
  9. Acceleration
  10. The Future
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