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According to Khan Academy, "Black Hole badges are legendary and unknown. They are the rarest Khan Academy awards".

Black Hole Badges on Khan Edit

The "easiest" Black Hole badge to attain so far is Tesla. However, Black Hole badges are intended to be quite difficult to attain. In the Khan Academy social circles, such as the members of the KAOS wiki, there are individuals with the Tesla badge. For example, Vanilla Dazzle-founder of this wiki, Tuner King 5-chat moderator, Light Runner-former active KAOS wikian, Blaze Runner-KAOS wikian, TJ-visitor to the KAOS chat room and others have attained this badge.

Known Wikians with the Tesla badge Edit

  •  TJ–An active editor and chatter on KAOS
  •  Others

KAOS tracks Khan Academy users close to attaining Tesla, as well as the progress of those users that have already reached this milestone.

Black Hole Badge tab

This is the black hole badge tab that shows once the user gets a black hole badge.

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