Blaze (Programming) Edit

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Blaze is a coder who programs in all sorts of languages like HTML, CSS, JS (+PJS +jQuery), SQL, Java, XML, and more. One might think he wouldn't have time for other things, but he is a bit of a gamer, creates music and is one of the fastest guys on his school's track team.

Khan Academy Highlights Edit

Blaze-Neon Rain

One of Blaze's popular programs-Neon Drops

  • Has 26 programs with over 100 votes
  • Has 15 programs with 50 to 99 votes
  • Does a lot of programs with shapes.
  • Does a lot of collaboration.
  • Created graphics for Aidabaida's game, "Misty Planets"
  • Participates on Zendesk, discussions
  • As of September, 2017, he's working on WoM mastery

Scratch Highlights Edit

Blaze scratch-0

Discord Highlights Edit

Blaze founded and built the Unofficial Khan Academy Discord Server (UKADS). This included writing the server's custom Discord bot with Discord Node.JS and moderating for the first 6 months of the server's existence.

Wikia Highlights Edit