War pic

Conflict and Contradiction in Art is a section of the Tate partner content on Khan Academy where photojournalism in areas of war and high conflict is highlighted.

  • Introduction
  • Activities
  • Art and Conflict
  • Documenting Conflict (linked directly to YouTube)
  • Challenging the State
    • Han Haacke: "A Breed Apart" in South Africa
    • Doris Salcedo's "Shibboleth"
    • Mounted police and crowd control at Tate Modern
    • "Immigrant Movement International": Nationalism and Immigration in the gallery.
    • Wang Peng: Performance as politics in China and beyond
  • Creating Contradiction
    • Michael Rakowitz on Star Wars and Saddam Hussein
    • Peter Kennard's political phomontages
    • Personal memory versus political history in Eastern Europe
    • Mona Hatoum's self-contradictory objects
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