Crash Course

Crash Course is probably the most popular Partner from the partner content on Khan Academy. These videos are also listed in Humanities and Science.

  • Crash Course World History
    • John Green: host.
    • The expression DFTBA comes from this partner and Crash Course.
    • DFTBA stands for "Don't Forget To Be Awesome"
    • The course has an ongoing joke about how the Mongols are the exception to everything.
    • The Mongol comments usually come as, "Wait for it - The Mongols." Then they charge in saying "We're the exception!"
    • The DFTBA site sells T-shirts about the mongols expression.
  • Crash Course Biology and Ecology
    • Hank Green host
    • Biology and Ecology are the subsections
  • Crash Course Chemistry
    • Hank Green host

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