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Crash Course: World History is a sub-topic under World History and Crash Course in the partner content.

Crash Course is probably the most popular partner from the partner content. The crash course in World History is further probably the most popular course.

The Sections Edit

  • What happens when you stay put
  • Oh, so that’s where that comes from!
  • What’s God got to do with it? - a lot
  • Road trip!
  • When people do great and really terrible things
  • You ain’t the boss of me! Oh, maybe you are
  • Nationalism, Imperialism & Globalization: the good, the bad and the really, really ugly

Trivia Edit

  • John Green hosts
  • CC world history
    The expression DFTBA comes from this partner and Crash Course.
  • DFTBA stands for "Don't Forget To Be Awesome"
  • Sometimes you see users put DFTBA on their KA bios
  • The course has an ongoing joke about how the Mongols are the exception to everything
  • The Mongol comments usually come as, "Wait for it - The Mongols." Then they charge in saying "We're the exception"
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