DY logo

DY's main logo that he made for himself

Darryl Yeo, who goes by his initials DY, is one of the top programmers on Khan Academy. He is particularly well known with the contest crowd. Whenever a new contest comes out, they wonder what he will imagine and create. He currently has 9 Golden Winstons.

While he does do games, he mainly takes a more artistic and graphic design approach to his programming. In particular, he lists his specialties as: interactive visuals and spectacular, mind-blowing animations. He actually doesn't mention the many logos he makes for other users.

Visit his blog at and subscribe if you like what you see!

Computer Languages Edit

Khan Academy Highlights Edit

  • Found here
  • Highest voted program, Transcolors 2.0, has over 1900 votes
  • Has 33 programs with over 100 votes
  • Has 26 Sun Badges
  • Has won 9 of Pamela's programming contests
  • Has completed 100% of the skills from Khan Academy's "The World of Math" mission
  • Has earned the rare badge Helpful Hopper
  • Was one of the Trusted Testers for Khan Academy's jQuery course.
  • One of the top users in LearnStorm 2015.
  • Has over 3,300 answers
  • Member since 2011

Scratch Highlights Edit

  • Found here
  • Member for over a year
  • Has one project: a complex multi-level game

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