The Museum Of Natural History has made videos about Dinosaurs. They are on Khan Academy, the museum's site and also on YouTube at the links listed below. Note that some of these videos may not be on Khan Academy.

Episode 1: What Is and Is Not a Dinosaur?

Episode 2: Who Discovered the First Dinosaur Fossils?

Episode 3: How Do Dinosaurs Get Their Names?

Episode 4: Are Any Dinosaurs Still Alive Today?

Episode 5: How Many Kinds of Dinosaurs Are There?

Episode 6: Where in the World Did Dinosaurs Live?

Episode 7: What Is the Earliest-Known Dinosaur?

Episode 8: What Were the Biggest and Smallest Dinosaurs?

Episode 9: What Did Dinosaurs Eat?

Episode 10: How Fast Were Dinosaurs?

Episode 11: How Intelligent were Dinosaurs?

Episode 12: Did Dinosaurs Fight?

Episode 13: How Did Dinosaurs Reproduce?

Episode 14: Did Dinosaurs Travel in Herds or Packs?

Episode 15: What Was Dinosaur Skin Like?

Episode 16: How Fast Did Dinosaurs Grow, and How Long Did They Live?

Episode 17: What Color Were Extinct Dinosaurs?

Episode 18: Were Dinosaurs Warm-Blooded?

Episode 19: How Did All Dinosaurs Except Birds Go Extinct?

Episode 20: Can We Clone Extinct Dinosaurs From DNA Preserved in Their Fossils?

Episode 21: What Is a Fossil?

Episode 22: How Do We Know Where to Look for Dinosaur Fossils?

Episode 23: How Are Dinosaur Fossils Discovered and Collected?

Episode 24: How Are Dinosaur Fossils Prepared in the Laboratory?

Episode 25: How are skeletal mounts of dinosaurs in museum exhibits built?

Episode 26: Where are all the dinosaur fossils kept once they're prepared?

Episode 27: How Do We Know Which Kind of Dinosaurs Were Most Closely Related?

Episode 28: How do we know how long ago dinosaurs lived?

Episode 29: In what kind of environments did dinosaurs live?

Episode 30: How does studying dinosaurs benefit humanity?

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