Top info bar

The following items are found on the Duolingo information bar:

  • Home
    • The home tab displays all the skills for the current language. There is also a link for the Lingot Store.
  • Words
    • For the current language, the number of words learned is shown, and the words are listed giving their part of speech, when last practiced, and presumed strength of word.
  • Activity
    • level ups, practicing a skill, activity of followers
  • Discussion
    • Duolingo's onsite discussion board, optional topics are each of the languages the user has begun to study or Duolingo in English (or presumed native tongue).
  • Language - The languages the user has studied and the option to add another language is here. See the screen shot below:
Language selection
  • Username - listed here
  • Streak - refers to total Duolingo streak without regard to which language was studied.
  • Lingots - displays the number of Lingots earned in all languages
  • Nofifications - comments on the user's wall and other users friending/following.

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