Emote of the Month HistoryEdit

Beginning in June, 2016, KAOS implemented an Emote of the Month selection. Each month, users nominate their favorite emotes, and the Admins select one of the nominees as the official emote of the month, which is then prominently displayed on the front page.

For more information on the selection process, please see the forum post here.

Below is a month by month showcase of the winning emotes:

Month Emote Name Emote
November, 2016 "dat boi"
Dat boi
October, 2016 Duskpin Sapling
Duskpin Sapling
September, 2016 You Mad? Troll
August, 2016 XD Red Fox
XD red cat
July, 2016 Trolololo/Frying Pan
June, 2016 The Bouncing LOL!

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