The Exploratorium is a 21st-century learning laboratory and museum based in San Francisco. Since 1969, they've offered visitors and learners around the world the opportunity to experience everyday scientific phenomena firsthand through creative, thought-provoking exhibits, educational tools, and programs. They promote an inquiry-based approach to learning—one that ignites curiosity about the world around, encourages exploration, and leads to profound discoveries. The science "snacks" on thier website and content are fun, hands-on activities developed and thoroughly tested by the Exploratorium Teacher Institute. Dive in and discover what they're all about!

In this partner content, the teacher in the video goes through a very clear demonstration of some science experiments and they are broken into various videos. The first video in each experiment covers the materials needed for the experiment. The following videos cover the experiments.This content is appropriate for all audiences.

  • Sound
  • Light and color
  • Chemistry
  • Electromagnetism

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