Eytukan Edit

Eytukan Party site2

Eytukan can be found on Khan Academy here.

Programming languages:

Khan Academy Highlights Edit

  • This user has over 3 million points.
  • He has 14 programs with over 100 votes.
  • This user's top program, Donald Trump, has over 533 votes.
  • The Donald Trump program was in the the number one spot in the hot list for more than 5 days.
  • Has been a member of Khan Academy for over 4 years.
  • Has a Golden Winston badge from the contest 'Motivational Message'.
  • Favorite themes are pop culture, dank memes and math-related graphics.
  • Team Mystic

Scratch Highlights Edit

Wikia Highlights Edit

  • Discussions moderator at the Khan Academy wiki
  • Founder of Khan Academy Chat wiki (Colloquially known as "blue leaf")
  • Assisted KAOS with initial set up and some CSS

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