Project: Fish Tank is the capstone project at the end of the Functions section of the Intro to JS course on Khan Academy.

Fish Tank project JB

Project goals Edit

The 4 things the user must confirm before submitting the project:

  1. Contains a function that can draw a fish or some other object.
  2. Must pass in at least two arguments to that function to control position or size.
  3. Must call that function at least three times to draw multiple objects around the canvas, or must call it in response to user interaction.
  4. Doesn't have any syntax errors or program logic errors.

Honor Code

Projects on Khan Academy close with an honor code

      I certify that this is all my original work. 
      If I took any parts from elsewhere, then they 
      were non-essential parts of the project, and 
      they are clearly attributed at the top. I will 
      show I agree to this honor code by typing "Yes":

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