Friendly Hacker & Exterminator, both Sun badges, are two of the rarest badges on Khan Academy. They can only be awarded by staff members. These badges are very hard to get because of the low demand for them.

Friendly HackerEdit

Friendly Hacker is earned for submitting a vulnerability to the KA team in a way that hurts no others, via HackerOne. It also gives 60,000 energy points.



Exterminator is similar to Friendly Hacker, but for submitting a bug to the KA team, via the Help Center. Unlike Friendly Hacker, it gives no energy points.

Users with Friendly HackerEdit

  1. John Lee
  2. Ben Burrill
  3. Replitaz
  4. Hades (Death Runner)

Users with ExterminatorEdit

  1. John Stringer
  2. Khan Runner
  3. trek
  4. SpongeJr
  5. KingCodeFish
  6. Eytukan
  7. VirusKA
  8. Ethan Luis McDonough
  9. Robert Stone (profile link unknown, was

Users with both Friendly Hacker and ExterminatorEdit

  1. Tariq Jabbar
  2. Anthony Jacquez
  3. Base 12
  4. Patrick Z.
  5. Lokio27

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