Articles may be made about users that are on multiple learning sites. Only in select cases are articles made about users of only one site. Wikia, while not a learning site in the traditional sense, is a site that may be highlighted and used as a section. Articles are written in the 3rd person-using he, she and they as the pronouns, n
ot you, I or we.

Sections: only include if applicable.

  • General information-keep it related to learning/online sites/Wikia. These articles do not cover users favorite foods and such.
  • Khan Academy Highlights-
    • Link to profile/programs
    • Number of programs with over 100 votes
    • Number of programs with 50 to 99 votes, if seems worthy of mention
    • Streaks, if substantial
    • Distinct badges like Tesla, Friendly Hacker, Exterminator
  • Scratch Highlighs-
  • Duolingo Highlights-
  • other sites Highlights-
  • Wikia Highlights-

Category added, Scratchers or KA Users