Hyper Text Markup Language, also known as HTML, is used for structuring webpages with something called markup. This is basically a way of laying out different webpage elements with a simple named unit known as a tag. By arranging these in the way you want you can create your very own structured website.

Coupled with the power of CSS, you can style everything just the way you want! The sky is the limit!

You can also write dynamic scripts in a scripting language known as JavaScript. With JavaScript, you can write scripts that change the website based on user interaction or many other factors without the page being refreshed!

With these languages in your toolkit, you have the ability to become a modern-day front-end web developer!

Commonly Used Elements Edit

Here are some commonly used elements for structuring, styling, and scripting to give you a basic overview of what to expect from HTML:

  • A "dividing" element after which there exists a line break.
  • An element that can go inside another element to style single words or parts without breaking the flow of the text.
  • A way to style text using CSS.
<body></body>, <head></head>
  • The body tag is where you put the elements that you want to show in the actual webpage. Think about it this way: the "head" tag preconceives what the body will look like. What you see is the body, not the mind.
  • The head tag commonly includes meta, title, and link tags.
  • Without this tag, the HTML documents will either throw errors or will not parse.
  • This controls how elements are placed and how things look using JavaScript.
  • External and internal links are created with this tag.
  • This is the "paragraph" tag.
  • This tag creates italics.
  • This tag creates bold.
  • This creates line breaks.

Sites with HTML lessons Edit

Featured users that know HTML Edit

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