Hellban is Khan Academy's primary mode of banning. In more extreme cases, completely disabling accounts is an option available to Khan Academy staff members.

User Experience Edit

A hellbanned user can still post comments and new programs, however, they will only be visible to themself, Khan Academy staff and non-staff guardian users. More established users state that they receive an email to let them know from one particular staff member. An educated guess is that trolls who just came to Khan Academy don't receive notice. However, this has not been confirmed yet.

Terminology/sample Edit

Helllban notice sample

As seen in the sample generously provided by a user, the terminology used by Khan Academy staff is "deactivate discussion privileges." Also, this particular sample documents the possibility of accounts being deleted.

Reasons for hellbans Edit

Some of the reasons that users get hellbanned:

  • Spamming
  • Repeated cursing
  • Being abusive or offensive towards other users
  • General trolling behavior
  • Excessive pointsgaming for badges related to upvoted answers or questions
  • Using comments to teach other users how to cheat for pointsgaming

Can a hellban be undone? Edit

There are two known cases of users getting their hellbans overturned. One of those cases was Jett Burns.

Reference link(s) Edit

Google sites link

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