How to become an Admin or Mod here on KAOS:

There are various things I will be looking at when I look for my new leadership team. Among them are the following:

  • Chat-KAOS colors
    Quality edits - Do you help build this site?
  • Activity - Are you here in chat and on the site?
  • Using online learning sites - Do you use Scratch, Khan Academy, Codecademy and more?
  • CSS knowledge - It helps if you can help me to edit the CSS on this site.
  • Wiki knowledge - It helps if you have experience and knowledge with wiki.
  • Recruitment - Are you able to bring quality people to the wiki?
  • Leadership - Do you get others to make quality edits?
  • Lack of conflict of interest - Such as if you are spending your time editing another competing wiki
  • Communications skills
  • Age - Please do not apply if you are under 13. I can not ask your age, but honor system, please just refrain from applying
  • Parent support, if applicable - We need people who can commit to being here. If everyone gets grounded, we can't run this wiki smoothly. If you are in that age bracket and want advice on how to sell your parents on this, talk to Vanilla Dazzle. It's not required. It's just that she knows how to argue the benefits of wiki editing for a teen. She might make a blog about this before KAOS opens applications again)

I will select 2 Admins and some chat Moderators based on this criteria when I find someone both interested and qualified. Then I will run my selections by the community. If someone has issue with those appointments they can then raise those issues, if they are legitimate, I will choose someone else, but not necessarily the person raising the issues.

If you're interested in becoming a Chat Mod or Admin, look above as to what I'm looking for, then make a case for yourself on my message wall. Do not ask me in the chat room, as this will just hurt your request.