The Intro to JS: Drawing & Animation Programming Course teaches users the basics of Khan Academy's Processing JavaScript coding environment, including Coloring With Code, Animations, Objects, Object-Oriented Design, and much more.

This free online course covers roughly the same topics covered in a typical college or high school introduction to programming course. The language used is the JavaScript language with the processing library. The site is set up to process the code in real time in a screen next to the code, as the user edits.

The Course Edit

The course covers the following general topics:

Intro to JS Animation and drawing
  1. Intro to programming
  2. Drawing basics
  3. Coloring
  4. Variables
  5. Animation basics
  6. Interactive programs
  7. Bonus: Resizing with variables
  8. Text and strings
  9. Functions -
  10. Logic and if Statements
  11. Debugging programs
  12. Looping
  13. Writing clean code
  14. Arrays
  15. Objects
  16. Object-Oriented Design
  17. Becoming a better programmer

The Categories Edit

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