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Frequently Asked Questions about Khan Academy

Q: How does a user get a Black Hole badge?

A: The Tesla badge is attained by achieving 10 Million points. There is more information about it here on KAOS.

Q: Who has the most points on Khan Academy?

A: For a long time, it was Sal Khan. However, on Monday and Tuesday December 28th and 29th, Khan Runner used some sort of glitch in order to achieve over one BILLION points. Subsequently, Sal Khan's point total was set to an infinite amount.

Q: What kind of software does Sal use?


Q: What kind of mouse does Sal use?

A: Sal has stated in interviews that he uses some sort of a pen mouse so that he has more control, given that he writes so much on the screen.

Q: Why do I need programming? I'm not going to be a programmer.

A: Programming is essential to make everything from computers to cars work properly. Without programming, and the advancement of technology, the world wouldn't be nearly the same as it is now. Additionally, programming builds the student's problem solving abilities.

Q: Why do I need math? No one ever uses it.

A: Math is used everyday by everyone, most of the time we don't even realize we're using math. If you dig deep in anything, you'll find math. Additionally, Math skills build the student's problem solving abilities.

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