King Code Fish Edit

King Code Fish (KCF) is a top notch programmer, and appears to know many different programming languages. His knowledge base is certainly very well developed. A humble and modest coder, he's always willing to help out when someone is in need of help. He also has his own website.

KCF Logo

KCF's logo

  • KCF has been programming since he was 6.
  • KCF can program in 10 different languages. Some of them are:
  • KCF owns more than 20 programming books.

Khan Academy Highlights Edit

He started taking Khan Academy seriously when Summer of Scripting 2015 started. From that time he has acquired more than 2,500,000 energy points and made several programs with 100+ votes. Additionally, he's been recognized as a popular KA user and continues to be active and contribute to the community almost every day.

  • Found here
  • Has one program with more than 200 votes, "A 1D Game (Khantober Release)"
  • Has 4 programs with 100 to 200 votes
  • Has 2,060,000+ energy points.
  • Has 3,333+ comments on Khan Academy.
  • Has received two Golden Winstons from winning two of Pamela's contests, Emoji Maker and Motivational Message.

Scratch Highlights Edit

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