Krishas Infinity

Krisha Jain, is a home-schooled Indian girl, so she learns a lot online, like on Khan Academy, Duolingo, Scratch and Codecademy. On Khan Academy, she mostly makes programs related to natural simulations. She loves math so she mainly does math in Khan Academy. She isn't very active in making programs. She is learning 4 languages on Duolingo as of now: French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Khan Academy HighlightsEdit

  • Krisha Jain's top rated program was a tribute to Sal for his 39th birthday, which has 160 votes.
  • Krisha Jain's second highest program is Spunky Sam moving in the shape of an infinity sign pictured above, which has 137 votes.
  • She also spun off Tweet, with a large blue googley-eye which points in the direction of your mouse.
  • She has over four million points
  • She has been a member of Khan Academy for nearly 5 years.

Duolingo Highlights Edit

  • Her username is KrishaThePianist on Duolingo.
  • She is on Level 24 in French.
  • Level 7 in German.
  • Level 6 in Spanish.
  • Level 5 in Portuguese.

Scratch Highlights Edit

  • She has been a member for nearly 2 months.

Codecademy Highlights Edit

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