Lingot store

The Lingot Store is where you can cash in your lingots for special perks on Duolingo.

Some of the things you can "buy" include:

  • Power-ups
    • Streak Freeze
      • freeze a streak and remain inactive that day
    • Double or Nothing
      • wager 5 lingots that you will be able to maintain a 7 day streak. Day 1 of the streak is the following day.
  • Practice
    • Timed Practice
      • Practice skills against the clock
    • Progress Quiz
      • Take an extended quiz in the language that you're currently logged into.
  • Bonus Skills-available sometimes
    • Idioms and Proverbs-a special lesson
    • Flirting-learning to flirt in for example, French.

NOTE: The number of lingots is not attached to the languages, but the whole log in. However, the lingot store will reference the language the user is currently logged into.

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