Challenge picture painter

Challenge: Picture Painter is a programming challenge in the Objects section of Khan Academy's Intro to JS section. This challenge involves modifying and adding properties to an object.


There are two steps in this challenge:

  1. Change the initial paintbrush - The user is asked to change the initial x and y coordinates of the paintbrush, and select a new image to use for the image of the brush.
  2. Make it paint! - The user is asked to create a mouseMoved function, utilizing the provided painting function, to have the newly selected brush paint.


  1. Documentation for the mouseMoved function can be found here.
  2. The user may want to set the paintBrush.x coordinate to the mouseX coordinate, and the paintrbrush.y coordinate to the mouseY coordinate.
  3. The call to the paintCanvas function should be inside the mouseMoved function.
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