Old black hole badge

This is a list containing the top users who are under 10,000,000 points, working towards attaining the Tesla badge.

Name Username Points Rank
Rony Deikson Deikson 9,899,000 1
Don Spencer donsspa 9,888,000 2
Jody Volkman JVolkman 9,809,000 3
Benjamin HeYamin 9,742,000 4
TheFourthDimension R4space 9,600,000 5
Mayur mdg227 9,301,000 6
Stanley stanley.liu 9,139,000 7
Josh(SpongeJr) spongejr 8,498,000 8
Lena Lindström myjupiter 8,290,000 9
Wolf LSOP962 MacLangdon 8,223,000 10
HCC Andrew andrewxc 7,952,000 11

Updated: July 2, 2017

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