Rabbit Racer-Challenge is located in the Advanced JS: Games and Visualizations section on Khan Academy.

Steps (Walkthrough) Edit

Note: This will not disclose the exact manner to complete this challenge due to the fact that we encourage learning and not cheating. This is only a guide as to how to tackle general challenges of the sort.

  1. Create a button object that is derived from the prototype. The x position should be in the far right and the y position should be in the far bottom. The button will then be drawn by - you guessed it - a simple .draw() method.
  2. This step is relatively easy. Add properties to the object and give them whatever value you wish.
  3. Lastly, you need to add a method (.onClick()) to the last rabbit in the rabbits array. Good luck! Tip: Search the code for the method that you wish to add to the last rabbit.
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