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    Nice, France attack

    July 15, 2016 by Jett Burns

    A large terror attack in Nice (pronounced 'niece'), France was reported last night at 10:30pm ET. A man - who has not been offically identified - carried out the attack by himself, killing 84 people. The area which he chose was filled with crowds who had watched fireworks, celebrating Bastille day. He used a large truck as his lethal weapon, while firing some gun shots, and carried out his destruction for 2-3miles. The man was shot and killed soon afterward.

    France has strict gun laws, but that couldn't stop this attack with a truck. This just shows that possible dangers like trucks and guns aren't the problem, and the assimilation issues in Europe are.

    New info is coming in live...

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  • Jett Burns

    Today's news

    July 6, 2016 by Jett Burns

    Our FBI director James Comey recommends no charges for Hillary Clinton after she sent thousands of classified emails on a unsecure email account. She has had a private server set up at her house, also during her years in office. "Though her work-related emails were government records, she didn't turn over copies until more than 30 lawsuits were filed. Before providing her correspondence, Clinton and her lawyers witheld and subsequently deleted tens of thousands of messages that she claimed were pesonal, and not classified on multiple occasions." [1]

    The FBI recovered some of those deleted emails, and found classified emails. Among them were about a dozen top secret documents, which should never have been sent on a hackable email and server. …

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  • Jett Burns

    Bangladesh attack

    July 2, 2016 by Jett Burns

    There has been another terrorist attack in Bangladesh. Obama said in a speech shortly afterward, and I paraphrase, "This is another example of how easy it is for someone to get a gun and go shoot innocent civilians. Blah, blah..."

    No Mr. president, no amount of gun restrictions (on Americans) can stop these Islamic extremits from getting guns. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of ways a extremist in America could get hold of a gun of any kind.

    His comments are trying to shift the focus to gun control, and not how he can really stop them, which is likely their destruction. He's going to hand these problems off to our next president... who I hope isn't Obam's 3rd term.

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