(republished, originally published on KAW)

I just wanted to blog about some of my recent achievements on Khan Academy.

A few weeks ago, I think some of you watched me have a great weekend as I "released" as we call it, my sunset program. It was so exciting. I skyrocketed to the top of the hot list, in one shot, going from being semi known in the coding section, to feel like one of the coding celebrities.
Sunset with lake

I was up there for more than a full 24 hours. I landed on the hot list high up, and then traveled to number one within an hour. That was on Saturday late afternoon. I fell out of the number one slot sometime Monday when I was not home.

The highlights of this endeavor were that one person said I was the next DY. I'm not, but that's a huge compliment considering he is probably THE most well known programmer in the coding section-besides Pamela.  Speaking of Pamela, she actually complimented my sunset as well. Well, that was pretty nice.

Pamela compliment

So that was January 9th to the 11th. Then on the 26th, I had a nice surprise as I earned Great Inspiration from this program.

I want to thank the Khan Academy communtiy for all your support.

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