5 3 badges earned Tesla

In case you hadn't noticed, I got Tesla the other day. As you can see the time stamp to state I got it at 23:46 UTC time, that was 7:46 Eastern-my time.

Illuminati doge
I've already moved to other sites. I'm working on a cool project on Scratch. Learning Scratch also means improving my skills in MS Paint, paint-dot-net and it's the most popular free photoshop alternative and I'm learning my free version of Photoshop. I'm getting really good and using the layers tool to make awesome graphics. I made the illumin-doge-inati to the right for AJ, as well as my "Tesla versions" of my previous profile pics by using this layers in

In Duolingo, I'm reviewing French and Spanish and I'm learning Italian and Russian. I've also just started using sololearn for computer type skills, I was previously studying in Khan Academy's coding section. Oh, and I'm using the typing club to try to up my typing speed by spending time on lessons for the keys with which I'm weak.

Just a reminder, KAOS is about skills onliine and even offline skills to add to online sites (like graphics skills). Also, I've been learning a lot from YouTube videos.

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