Some users have brought up the question as to why someone might want to use the KAOS wiki, instead of the sites directly or the wikis related to those sites.

The key here is that some people may find navigation starting on KAOS then travelling over to a main learning site easier to use. We are trying, right now, to create/fortify a menu for Khan Academy's partner content since they have removed it from their directory but the pages are still there, you just need the direct links to get to them. We also add in warnings when we notice that the content may not be appropriate for all users and we try to explain why so a reader on KAOS will have sufficient information if they are personally concerned about this, as we realize that while some of our readers will be bothered by regular artistic nudity like a male nude statue, many will not. However, there are some videos that go more graphic than this and when we run across them, we will be providing information about that so that viewers know in advance.

Furthermore, while we focus on Khan Academy, we are a site for all online learning sites. The name-Khan Academy Or Scratch was mostly chosen for its ability to be used as a cute, short and pronounciable acronym: KAOS. However, it's not our goal to replace a wiki devoted to a learning site, but rather provide a one stop shop where a learner can browse information about sites all on one site where we highlight the things we noticed and learned about when we first came to these sites as a new user.  We hope that learners of multiple sites can help us by adding information about other sites they use so that KAOS can become a directory but with information to online learning sites.

Thank you,

Vanilla Dazzle-KAOS founder

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