Variables is the fourth general topic in Khan Academy's Intro to JS: Drawing & Animation course. It has six parts, including two tutorials, two quizzes, and two spin-off challenges.

The topic contains the following subtopics:

  1. Intro to Variables
  2. Quiz: Variables
  3. Challenge: Bucktooth Bunny
  4. More on Variables
  5. Challenge: Funky Frog
  6. Review: Variables

Description Edit

Variables are used in almost every programming language, and are a method for storing data. In JavaScript and Khan Academy's Processing JavaScript environment, a variable is defined with the var keyword, followed by the name of the variable (Note: Variables must not start with numbers), then the coder may close the statement or define the variable then close the statement. Statements are closed with a semicolon in many coding languages, JavaScript and Processing JavaScript included.

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