Whats for dinner group

Project: What's for Dinner? is one of the first projects in the Intro to JS: Drawing and Animation Course on Khan Academy, falling under the Coloring subsection. The project provides the user with a blank plate, and instructs them to use at least three of the the newly learned color and shape commands to make something related to a meal in the given plate. Should the user have trouble remembering the commands, or want to use options that they haven't learned in Pamela's talk-throughs, they can look at the documentation tab.

This project is often plagiarized around Khan Academy.

Honor Code

Projects on Khan Academy close with an honor code

      I certify that this is all my original work. 
      If I took any parts from elsewhere, then they 
      were non-essential parts of the project, and 
      they are clearly attributed at the top. I will 
      show I agree to this honor code by typing "Yes":

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